Jordan Crayon laying the markers for his professional throwing career

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A chance encounter at a mall set Jordan Crayon on the path to Ashland University and his aspirations as a professional thrower. We update his list of favorites to see what has changed since his high school days.

The Toledo Blade profiled Jordan Crayon in 2011. The then-high school standout in football and track & field gave his list of favorites: food, movies, sports teams and the rest. At the time, Crayon did not know where he would be the following year, although he knew he wanted to be in the NFL in 10 years (or so he told the Blade).

Not long after, Crayon was at the mall when he ran into a friend who was playing football at Ashland University. His friend encouraged him to send his highlight tape to the Eagles. Within months Jordan Crayon was lined up for Ashland’s football team.

He went to his first practice with Coach Jud Logan’s throwers, who immediately hooked him on the throw culture at the school. An injury kept him out of football and focussed on throwing.

Now that Crayon is ready to step out into the next stage of his career, we wanted to know which of his high school favorites still top the list.

Car: Lamborghini (Then), Audi (Now)

My dream car is to have an Audi now. I’m kind of big into Audi’s right now, for whatever reason I love them.

Sports teams: Most things Los Angeles, New York Yankees (Then), Same (Now)

I’m a big USC Trojan fan. I’m that one anomaly in Ohio that does not mesh with Ohio State. I have nothing against them, I think the program is awesome I think what they do is awesome there. But I just always for some reason, when I see USC and I see what they are about I think “they are cool, they are really cool.”

I’m a big LA Lakers fan for basketball. If my mom hears this she might get on me. I’ve just always been drawn to west coast athletics.

The San Diego Chargers were my favorite football team. The only thing with them going to LA got me into the red as well. But I’m for whatever is best for the organization. If it puts them on the path to winning I’m open-minded. I think having two teams in LA is a bit excessive, but I can’t complain if it brings victory our way.

Believe it or not, oh my goodness, I’m actually a Yankees guy. I’m a Yankees fan.

Store at the mall: Game Stop (Then, Now)

Musical artist: Talib Kweli (Then, Now)

To this day, it is still Talib Kweli. I actually grew up on his music. He was a pretty big guy in the hip hop world when I was growing up, especially coming out of NY. He is like a hip hop poet. His lyricism has meaning, and I love a guy who can sit there and tell a story. He seems lie he’s a pretty cool guy, his music just speaks volumes to me.

Actor: Keanu Reeves (Then), Leo DiCaprio (Now)

He is flawless to me. My favorite movie of his is The Great Gatsby.

Actress: Angelina Jolie (Then, Now)

This could be a little tougher for me because, this may be biased, but I love women in movies. They are so much more intimate with their roles. Just for nostalgia purposes, I’d still have to say Angelina Jolie. I used to have a little crush on her.

In 10 years…NFL Player (Then), Olympian (Now)

I will hope to be a two-time Olympian. If it’s in the Lord’s will, a two-time Olympic medalist is the perfect scenario, potentially here in Ohio. Regardless of if it’s me continuing still training or giving back to the athletics community, as long as I’m involved in track and field, whether it’s me doing it or me helping somebody else follow their dreams, that’s where I hope to be 10 years from now.